Mammy and me water gets an A!

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Accredited laboratory examined in detail the selected waters in 0.5 litres packs, available in the supermarkets. The selection was made based on the popularity of a given brand and intensity of its advertising. The study included the assessment of the label marking, checking whether the composition matches the declaration on the label, and verification of the purity of water, i.e. analysis of the physiochemical indicators, content of undesirable and toxic substances, content of ozone and microbiological quality. The final factor was sensory quality, in other words: flavour, smell, appearance and consistency of water. All of those elements allow determining which of the tested waters to the highest degree meets the requirements and can be recommended to both adults and children.
One of two products that received the highest marks was water for children Mammy and me, which obtained a positive opinion of the Child Health Centre and prestigious awards and distinctions granted by the editors of the parental magazines. Water is obtained from the depth of 170 metres, from a source located within the area of Słowiński National Park, and thanks to the natural isolation from the external pollutants it retains the pristine physiochemical and microbiological purity.
Care for a young consumer means that the Mammy and me manufacturers pay special attention to the quality of water. The fact that it is recognised by the independent research institutions is encouraging.
More information on the study and its results can be found on the Pro-Test Foundation website.