Autumn strengthening of immunity

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To strengthen the immunity of the baby, it is necessary to primarily take care of a proper diet, which affects the immunological system of a baby, shaping the composition of the intestinal flora. The child’s menu cannot be complete without dairy products – especially in the form of yoghurts and kefir (including probiotics) – as well as sea fish, which are the source of omega acids. It is worth remembering that also cereals are the valuable element of the menu. One mustn’t also forget about fruit and veg (the best choices in the autumn are citruses, plums, pears and dried apricots).
What to do if out child doesn’t like them? It is worth encouraging the child to jointly prepare the colourful, fanciful-looking sandwiches or salads.
Every meal served to the child must be both healthy and rich in vitamins – special role in strengthening the immunity of the child play vitamin C and provitamin A. The dishes prepared for our child should be rich in zinc, which affects the child’s immune system. Zinc can be found, among others, in poultry, cereal grains and lean, red meat. We should remember that in the autumn diet of a baby sweetened drinks and sweets should be limited; it is beneficial to add to the meals a bit of very healthy garlic or honey.
Let’s not forget of supplements, which can be found in every pharmacy. It is worth investing in cod liver oil and shark liver preparation. Extracts of Aloe Vera and Echinacea are also recommended, as they stimulate the immune system. One should also serve kids the wild rose, blackcurrant and raspberry juices – it is a perfect source of vitamin C.
We should also take care of instilling small, daily habits in out child, such as washing hands and even airing the rooms, so the temperature of approx. 20 degrees of Celsius always prevailes. It is also worth keeping an eye on a selected time of putting the child to sleep and their afternoon nap. It is particularly important, because short sleep weakens the immune system.
It is also very important in the autumn period to not overdress the child in too warm clothes – this may result not only in a cold, but also permanent lowering of the little one’s immunity. It is best to dress the child in layers, which, if needed, allows removing the unnecessary layer.
Spending time outside with the child is of vital importance. It is recommended for such play or walks to take at least two hours each day. Breathing in cold air effectively stimulates immunity and oxygenates the body. What’s more, natural light contributes to creating the vitamin D, much needed in the body. Hence we should not give up the walks with a child even on cold or rainy days. If possible, take the child for a weekend trip to the sea or to the mountains. A rapid change of a climate will force the child’s body to create immune cells.
Autumn may be the most stressful time in the year for children – then many of them go for the first time to the nursery, kindergarten or school. Hence it is beneficial to talk to the new student every day, and observe them carefully. In order to help the little one to release the stress, it is worth providing the child with appropriate dose of exercise and… laughter, which supports the production of endorphins that have an advantageous impact on the immune system. We should not forget that tired and sad child is more prone to illnesses.
An extremely important matter in the autumn period is also appropriate hydration of the child’s body, which not only ensures a good mood, but also contributes to the strengthening of the child’s immune system – thanks to water the nutrients are delivered to the cells. We should remember to select water that is both crystal clear and free of minerals and pathogenic bacteria. Such product is “Mammy and me” – it gained a positive opinion of the Child’s Health Centre, which guarantees its highest quality.
Fall season is one of the most difficult periods of the year – not only for our offspring, but also for us, parents, for whom the child’s well-being remains the most crucial. We should take care in a special way of the little one in that time, and we can forget the cold and flu for a long time.