In anticipation of the baby

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Before you become a Mum… 9 long months will pass, during which you must take care of yourself and prepare for the new, responsible role. And your body will undergo a fascinating transformation!

1 month I AM!

The child takes a comfortable “apartment” for 9 months. At the end of 4th week it has approx. 5 mm of length and reminds of… a bean pod. At the same time the process of creating the internal organs begins.

2 month WE BEGIN!

Now the teeth, stomach, intestines, lungs and liver are formed; the heart grows, fingers and toes distinguish, and genitalia start to form. The foetus reached 3-4 cm of length and weight of 2-3 grams.

3 month BOY OR GIRL?

This will become clear at the end of this month, during which kidneys ultimately take shape, as well as liver and the baby’s bones. A face can be clearly seen; the limbs lengthen; foetus has approx. 12 cm in length and weighs 65 grams.


Hands form, hair grows, and the baby’s muscles become stronger – the future mum usually feels first moves of the baby. The ultrasound clearly shows the baby’s outline, which is now 20 cm long and weighs 250 grams.


The fingerprints appear on the baby’s fingers; hair and nails grow fast, the nervous and respiratory systems form. The future mum clearly feels the baby’s movements; the little one is now 30 cm long and weighs 650 grams.


The child starts to see and react to the external sounds; it follows the phases of being awake and asleep, sucks on a thumb, and gets hiccups… It weighs one kilogram and has approx. 37 cm length. On the face one can see clear outline of eyebrows and nose.

7 month I HEAR YOU, MUM!

Lungs of the baby start breathing, the gastrointestinal system functions. Due to increasing weight – approx. 1.5 kg and the body length of approx. 42 cm – the baby’s space is tight and it moves less. The baby can hear perfectly, and its favourite sound is the mum’s voice.


The baby’s head is usually directed downwards. The bones lengthen and thicken. The weight of the baby is already 2.5 kg and its length – 47 cm.

9 month I’M COMING!

The baby weighs approx. 3 kilograms already and is approx. 50cm. It is strong and it is difficult for it to move… and it will gladly change its “apartment” for a bigger one!